Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 64 Bit Free Download

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Free Download

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) aids in preventing common malware from infecting Windows systems. Threats are found and eliminated, and the modifications they caused are undone via MSRT. MSRT is often made available for download here once a month as a standalone program or as a component of Windows Update.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

A computer system and the private information stored on it might be jeopardized by malicious software. It can be used to steal sensitive information, corrupt files, or even take control of your computer. Depending on the machine it infects, the damage it does can change. The Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) is Microsoft’s response to common threats. Here is more information about what it does and how to utilize it.

What Is the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool?

A post-infection malware removal program called the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal program is developed to search for specific, common threats and reverse the changes they have made to your system. It is intended to be used if malware has already infected your computer. Trojan horses, viruses, and worms can all be found and removed.

Unfortunately, the MSRT is not intended to be used in place of powerful antivirus software because it does not provide active scanning or protection against threats. You cannot use it to get rid of spyware from your computer.

Here’s how the MSRT differs from traditional antivirus software.

  • If malware has already been installed on your machine, MSRT is still intended to function. It cannot thwart an impending assault.
  • Since it only searches for particular dangers that are common at the time of release, it does not completely remove all malware from your computer. (Microsoft distributes new versions of the MSRT on a regular basis, perhaps every two weeks.)
  • Only malware that is already active on your system may be found and eliminated by MSRT.

How Does MSRT Work?

MSRT is intended to run once a month in the background silently, so it’s likely that you won’t notice it. The next time you log on to the computer as an administrator, a balloon will be displayed in the taskbar’s notification area if it finds an infection. If no malware alerts have been sent to you, the scan did not detect any harmful software on your computer.

However, if the tool does find malware, you can be asked to perform a thorough scan, which might take a long time. The scan covers all permanent and detachable drives but excludes network drives that Windows 10 has mapped for quick access.

You’ll be asked to delete the files from your computer if the entire scan finds any viruses. This can be done for certain files or for all infected files. You can also submit a report to Microsoft, which keeps tabs on the incidence of viruses.

However, keep in mind that some data loss during the cleaning process is likely.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 64-bit Download

The Windows operating system and updates are made available through the Windows Update service. To receive the most recent version of the MSRT utility, update your copy of Windows 10 or 11.

However, the tool is also available for standalone download from Microsoft. On a Windows PC, you can manually download this tool if you’d like.

See the instructions for downloading the 64-bit version of Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for Windows 10/11 below.

  • In your browser, go to Microsoft Download Center.
  • In the top-right search box, type “Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 64-bit” to find it.
  • To access the official download page for this tool, click the Download Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 64-bit link in the search results.
  • The MSRT 64-bit installation package will be downloaded to your computer when you choose a language and press the Download button.
  • Install and launch this application after downloading it to begin scanning your machine.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 32-bit Download

  • Visit Microsoft Download Center in your browser nonetheless.
  • Type “Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 32-bit” into the search bar. To access its official download page, open the link that says “Download Windows Malicious Removal Tool 32-bit” in the search result.
  • Click the Download button to begin downloading the 32-bit version of the MSRT program after choosing your desired language.
  • For the tool to be installed on your computer, click the downloaded package.

How to Open and Use Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool on Windows 10/11

You can rapidly launch the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool on a Windows machine by pressing Windows + R to bring up the Windows Run dialog, entering the mrt command in the Run box, pressing Enter, and selecting Yes in the pop-up UAC window.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Click Next after launching the MSRT utility. To begin scanning your computer for malware, select a scan type—Quick Scan, Full Scan, or Customized Scan—and click Next.

  • Perform a quick scan of the parts of the system that are most likely to have dangerous software. You might be requested to do a thorough scan if harmful software is discovered.
  • Full Scan: Perform a system-wide scan. Be aware that on some PCs, this scan could take up to several hours.
  • Customized Scan: This scan option enables you to select and scan a user-specified folder’s contents. You can choose this can mode and then click the Choose Folder button to choose the folder you want to scan as your target.

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